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You aren't just 1s and 0s at Barbaricum, you’re a meaningful part of the solution.

Access to the Challenge

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At Barbaricum, we know that technology alone isn’t enough to combat the dynamic intelligence threats and cybersecurity issues that face our nation; that’s where you come in. Our team of technical experts serves the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and other U.S. Government clients. Over the past 10 years, numerous Federal clients have relied on our support in SecDevOps, systems engineering and architecture, big data analytics, data science, UI / UX, open source intelligence, training, and a range of other offensive and defensive cybersecurity and intelligence efforts.

However, the need for Barbaricum support is growing. Learn more about how you can join Team Barbaricum and gain access to solving the nation’s largest cybersecurity challenges below.

Our Culture

At Barbaricum, we started out wanting to build a different kind of business—a company who defines its value by a reputation of excellence built from the collective skills, talents, perspectives, and backgrounds of its people. Our staff enjoys superior benefits and competitive salaries, however, we know that those with a drive for excellence need more than just a compensation package. At Barbaricum, our experts engineer team-wide success through a passion for innovation in solving challenges. Because of this, our cybersecurity and intelligence employees never feel like 1s and 0s; they are doing the work they want to do with the people we want to work with.

Job Opportunities

Ideal cybersecurity / intelligence applicants hold an active Top Secret clearance, with ability to obtain a Top Secret SCI.

Cloud Engineer:

Cloud Engineers are on the frontlines of confronting cybersecurity IT challenges that directly impact National Security. While Barbaricum Cloud experts engineer solutions that apply configuration, automation, operations, and leadership in a multi-cloud environment, our team understands the importance of defining success in the SecDevOps community. In support of Department of Defense network infrastructure, Barbaricum Cloud Engineers are responsible for designing and implanting cloud architectures that focuses on data sharing and collaboration between DoD, U.S. interagency, and foreign partners. If you’re ready to join a team where you’re a valued member and committed to finding dynamic solutions to cybersecurity problems, then it’s time you apply to work with Team Barbaricum.

Special Operations Network Engineer:

When it comes to cybersecurity, Network Engineers are necessary in defining agile, systematic solutions for large-scale IT infrastructures. At Barbaricum, our experts understand the importance of not only protecting cyber domains but engineering a secure environment that is maintained effectively. In support of our Federal clients, we’re looking for Network Engineers who are passionate about deploying success for a Special Operations technical development project in the cyber domain. Join Team Barbaricum and gain access to solving the nation’s greatest cybersecurity network challenges.

Data Scientist:

One of the qualities about Data Scientists that aligns directly with Barbaricum culture is the dedication to continuously learning and exploring new ways to utilize, interpret, and transform data. At Barbaricum, this focus on engineering innovation is critical for cybersecurity team success. Our intelligence experts get the chance to formulate and lead multifaceted analytic studies that set new standards of excellence for our Federal clients. When Data Scientists join Barbaricum, they gain the unique opportunity to be a part of a mission-driven team and identify undiscovered solutions to command cybersecurity data challenges. If your passion for data science matches our drive for innovation architecture, then consider joining Team Barbaricum where your talent is valued.

Cybersecurity Manager:

Being an effective cybersecurity manager is more than just understanding technology infrastructures that use operating system security tools, firewalls, VPN, web-proxy, and security audits. At Barbaricum, our cybersecurity intelligence leaders define how our government clients can protect themselves from the increasing volume of cyber-attacks and IT threats. We’re looking for cybersecurity managers who have a drive to transform, engineer, and design roadmaps for unique approaches to protecting our government clients from cyber criminals and data breeches. We need managers who are committed to combatting cybersecurity threats while engineering team-wide success. If you’re ready to lead that mission-driven cybersecurity team, apply to join Team Barbaricum.