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Welcome to the Barbaricum Newsletter 2.0: Barbaricum Frontiers. The intent of this product is to inform our growing company of major firm news, business development initiatives and the successes you have produced for our clients.

As many of you know, Barbaricum is an ancient Roman Army term referring to the frontier beyond the charted Roman Empire– the great unknown, full of chaos and void of order.  We believe that similar conditions exist today, and it’s because of this belief that Barbaricum was founded to serve public and private business as a guiding light. The name Barbaricum Frontiers demonstrates our belief that our team is working at the cutting-edge of the government contracting space.

What do you do for Barbaricum? I’m the DoD OIG Social Media Manager.  Follow us @DoDIG ! What is your career background? I have a background in public relations and public

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Barbaricum is in the second year of a quantitative and qualitative research and analytical support contract with the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Public Affairs (SAF/PA). The work

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Pueblo chemical agent-destruction pilot plant explosive destruction system, or PCAPP EDS, operators place a bottle containing mustard agent in the Munitions Holder for destruction, March 18, 2015. After safe detonation,

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Pittman Challenge

In May, Jason Grundy placed 2nd overall in the Asymmetric Warfare Group’s annual Pittman Challenge. Grundy and his teammate, MSG Patterson, also came in first place for two events. The

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Clarence Dingman

What do you do for Barbaricum? I joined the Barbaricum team in June 2015, as the Program Manager for the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO)-Special Warfare Technical Support (SWTS)

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SEC Media Analysis

To fulfill the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Media Analysis contract, Barbaricum produces reports three times per day with news clips from major finance-focused outlets ranging from The Wall Street

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