What We Do

Barbaricum's solutions are flexible, innovative, and pragmatic, leading to outstanding results.


Mission Support

Barbaricum provides agile, mission-specific support to the Department of Defense and other government agencies. From training, education, and exercises, to operational testing and evaluation, Barbaricum advisors deploy globally—across five continents—to support government missions where and when needed. We strive to protect National Security interests at home and abroad.

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Integrated Communications

Barbaricum leverages the subject matter expertise of award-winning, APR-certified communication professionals to advance our clients’ strategic priorities and goals. From internal to national campaigns, our team creates S.M.A.R.T. communications goals to achieve measurable outputs. We also employ advanced assessment and analysis methods – adding a customizable suite of tools to the mix – to deliver an informed approach to strategy that includes everything from audience engagement, visual development, and collateral creation to risk management and crisis communications.

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Research & Analysis

Barbaricum leverages full-service market research capabilities to provide insights to clients, with proven experience conducting a wide range of qualitative and quantitative analyses. We work with clients to understand their mission, organizational issues and challenges, and design research engagements utilizing the appropriate methodology for the situation. We do not collect data for the sake of collecting data—we collect data to inform our customer’s mission and organizational decision-making, in a way that is clear, integrated, and actionable.

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Technology-Enabled Services

Barbaricum identifies, analyzes, deploys, and assesses new technologies to address capability gaps and augment workflows for our clients. We provide a suite of technology-enabled services – research & development, education training, rapid prototyping, requirement identification, validation and visualization, implementation, integration, and testing & evaluation – to address rapidly evolving technological needs.

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Cyber Security / Intel

Barbaricum recognizes the rapidly evolving nature of threats in the digital realm and the need for proactive approaches to protecting our Nation across the cyber domain. From traditional intelligence support to the development of cutting-edge capabilities (including cyber and publicly available information analytics) our team of technical experts augment DoD, the Intelligence community, and other USG clients. We provide services ranging from research and integration of emerging technologies to training and technical solutions.

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