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About AMP

CONTRACT # W911NF23D0009

Barbaricum is a prime contractor on the Army Modernization Priorities (AMP) Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ). With a $900 million ceiling, this contract ensures that technological overmatch continues in the nation’s favor. Under AMP, we support Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) through rapid Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation (RDT&E), prototyping, experimentation, analytics, and technology integration. AMP is operated by US Army Contracting Command Aberdeen Proving Ground Research Triangle Park Division. This IDIQ is operational until May 2033.

Key Service Areas (KSAs)


Barbaricum Vehicle Capabilities

  • Overseas Contingency Operations / Defense Contingency Operations
  • Convergence / Synchronization of Multi-Domain Capabilities for Decisive Overmatch
  • Countering Adaptable Threats
  • Dis-Integration of Enemy Anti-Access and Area Denial Systems
  • Electronic Missile Guidance, Assured PNT, Counter BM, Counter CM, Counter Hypersonics, and Counter UAS Technology
  • Electronic Warfare, Cyber and Sensor Technology
  • Equipment and Systems Field Trials and Appraisals
  • Exploitation of Freedom of Maneuver to Defeat Enemy Objectives
  • Information Assurance and Cyber Vulnerability Assessments
  • Materials Development, Integration and Employment
  • Mechanical Design and Development of Components & Systems
  • Multi-Domain Operations Capabilities
  • Operational Security
  • Penetration of Enemy Anti-Access and Area Denial Systems
  • Protection of Army Forward Positioned Assets / Soldiers (Forces) Against Advanced Enemy Threats
  • Rapid Proof-of-Concept / Proof-of-Principal Prototyping & Experimentation
  • RDT&E
  • Software Design, Development and Integration System Integration and Human Systems Interface (HSI)
  • Technology Discovery, Innovation and Transition for Research and Development
  • Technology Insertion/Integration
  • Sub-Conflict, Competition Domain Solutions

Barbaricum AMP Vehicle Points of Contact:

Barbaricum AMP Vehicle Manager: Andrew Jones

Barbaricum Contracts Manager: David Harnsberry

Contract: W911NF23D0009 

Order Task(s) By: May 2033

AMP Contracting Office: Contracting Command Aberdeen Proving Ground Research Triangle Park Division

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