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ODL (Oscar Deuce LLC) Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Barbaricum, is a prime contractor on the General Services Administration (GSA) ASTRO IDIQ contract in the Mission Operations and Training Pools. ASTRO is a suite of Multiple Award IDIQs (MA-IDIQs) managed by GSA’s FEDSIM Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS) that gives Federal agencies access to highly-qualified contractors that enable technical solutions in critical support functions, operations services, and maintenance to manned and unmanned platforms and systems. The 10-year MA-IDIQs contracts are broadly scoped to provide virtually all services supporting or involving manned, unmanned, or optionally manned platforms and robotics.

There is no ceiling on the ASTRO contracts and agencies can safely assume ASTRO will cover all of their in-scope service requirements, no matter the aggregate value. Orders must be placed by 14 NOV 2031, and may extend through November 2036. ASTRO is available for use by the GSA Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) AAS FEDSIM organization and any GSA AAS contracting officers (CO) granted a Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) specifically authorized by the ASTRO CO(s). 

Organizations can learn more about the ASTRO IDIQ and ordering on the GSA ASTRO website. Additional FEDSIM acquisition guidance can be reviewed on the GSA FEDSIM website.


ASTRO Vehicle Capabilities


NAICS Code 541990 – All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Function: Mission Operations includes the performance of operational services not included in Data Operations associated with manned, unmanned, optionally manned platforms and robotics supporting mission performance. This includes traditional labor services, as well as “as a service” support.

TRAINING POOL: Contract #47QFCA22D0477

NAICS Code 611699 – All Other Miscellaneous Schools and Instruction 

Function: All training (the providing of instruction) services required for successful execution of a product, program, project, or process regarding platforms and/or robotics for land, air, sea, or space.

Key Contract Vehicle Benefits

  • Total Solution Contracting: The ASTRO IDIQ provides a total solution vehicle, accommodating any and all components required to deliver comprehensive service-based solutions, both commercial and non-commercial.

  • Extended Performance Period: Offers a stable 10-year Ordering Period with the capability for task orders to continue for an additional five years, facilitating longer-term planning and sustained service delivery.

  • Adaptable Contract Vehicle Types: Supports all contract types including Fixed Price, Cost Reimbursement, Time and Materials, Labor Hour, and all hybrid types.
  • Efficiency in Procurement: Streamlines the procurement process by reducing lead times and administrative costs, and supports all contract types, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in pricing and delivery.

  • Unlimited Contract Values: Imposes no ceiling on contract or task order values, enabling expansive project scope and budgeting flexibility.

  • Flexible Subcontracting and Labor Categories: Provides subcontracting flexibility to include any mission-critical vendor at the task order level and features 236 standardized labor categories, with the option to add categories as per specific task requirements.

  • Customer and Industry Collaboration: Developed with extensive customer and industry engagement, ensuring that contract holders are thoroughly vetted and capable of meeting extensive performance criteria.

  • Support for Diverse Requirements: Capable of supporting requirements both within the continental United States (CONUS) and outside (OCONUS), and allows for the inclusion of ancillary support components like Other Direct Costs (ODCs) at the task order level.

  • Advanced Contracting Flexibility: Spans many areas of expertise and includes any and all components required to formulate a total solution to a requirement pursuant to the Master Contract. Promotes enhanced competition at the task order level and allowing contracting officers the flexibility to determine fair and reasonable pricing tailored to individual task requirements.

Barbaricum GSA ASTRO Vehicle Points of Contact:

Barbaricum GSA ASTRO Vehicle Manager: Pete Brady

Barbaricum Contracts Manager: David Harnsberry


Order Task(s) By: November 2031

GSA ASTRO Contracting Office: GSA Office of Assisted Acquisition Service (AAS) FEDSIM Organization

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