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Vanguard of Valor: Enhanced Edition


The Combat Studies Institute (CSI) is one of the U.S. Army’s premiere military history organizations. It is responsible for researching and presenting historical accounts of military campaigns and supports the Combined Arms Center and Training and Doctrine Command in a wide variety of functions.

Barbaricum helped CSI bring accounts of military history to the Army and the general public via new media. We collaborated with CSI to develop the first, multimedia Army History iBook, “Vanguard of Valor: Enhanced Edition.” Barbaricum served as advisor on the creation of the document, provided hands-on video, photo, and audio support, and coordinated the release and publicity surrounding the iBook’s launch. The product was covered by Wired magazine and a host of other national and local military media news outlets and has received high praise from Army Senior Leadership. The product has garnered Army-wide adoption and has led to additional CSI educational iBook projects. “Vanguard of Valor,” also earned Barbaricum the 2013 Award from the Public Relations Society of America.

To download the Vanguard of Valor iBook, please click here.