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Growing Key Leadership at Barbaricum


April 4, 2024

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Brian Feldmayer and Sharifah Masten Elevated to Top Executive Roles at Barbaricum

WASHINGTON – April 4, 2024 – Barbaricum is pleased to announce the promotions of Brian Feldmayer to Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Sharifah Masten to Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO).

Barbaricum’s belief in nurturing leadership from within aligns with their core values and continued commitment to doing the work you want to do with the people you want to work with. Both Brian and Sharifah represent this principle, leveraging their rich experiences and perspectives from their military service to continue guiding efforts across innovation, duty, balance, and empowerment.

“Their ascent to key senior leadership roles underscores their individual capabilities and exemplifies Barbaricum’s culture,” Brandon Bloodworth, Barbaricum Partner and Co-founder said. “It highlights our unwavering commitment to an environment where growth and leadership development are more than encouraged; they are central to our identity.” 

As Barbaricum celebrates these well-deserved promotions, it looks forward to the visionary, people-first approach led by Brian Feldmayer and Sharifah Masten. Their roles not only embody the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation but also reinforce its dedication to cultivating a culture where every team member contributes to diverse, collective success.

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Barbaricum’s cutting-edge national security capabilities and solutions remain dynamic to continually support the ever-changing mission environment. With over 15 years of continuous growth, our commitment to customer success is fueled by our approach and dedication to people, growth, and quality. We have an extensive global reach, successfully deploying personnel across five continents and managing international business requirements in AFRICOM, INDOPACOM, CENTCOM, SOUTHCOM, NORTHCOM, USSOCOM, and EUCOM Areas of Responsibility (AORs). With our SDVOSB status and access to favorable contract vehicles, customers and partners can efficiently leverage our comprehensive solutions across Modernization, OSINT+, Global FSE/FSR, Predictive Analytics, Applied AI/ML, Battlespace Fusion, and Global Contingency Operations to enable mission success.

Since inception, our team has been recognized across the industry and our peers for service excellence and leading innovation. With an extensive portfolio of both restricted and unrestricted Federal contract vehicles, coupled with our SDVOSB status, Barbaricum is well-positioned to deliver due to our mission insights, market access, and in-depth understanding of the Government acquisition life-cycle. Our dedication to innovation consistently enhances capabilities by integrating exceptional talent with advanced technology, enabling us to deliver customer-focused solutions across a broad spectrum of technologies and mission requirements.

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