Supporting Your Team on International Missions

International Management

By Armand Cucciniello, Barbaricum Lead Strategic Planner Thought: How do you gage the health of a contract? Let’s take it up a notch, how do you know if a contract is successful when your team is halfway across the world? Barbaricum does it by identifying and empowering effective leaders that can manage the contract and its team members.…

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How Media Analysis Drives Communication Priorities

Media Analysis

By Isaac Arnold, Media Analysis Program Manager Thought: How can a public affairs office respond and react to news narratives if they are not fully informed of the media landscape? When discussing media analysis, I often start by highlighting the importance of urgent or breaking news. Starting out fully informed with a high situational awareness…

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How Does Research Drive Change and Continual Improvement?

Research Insights

By Lawrence D. Wright, Ph.D., Director of Research Analysis A question I am asked consistently is, “Why do we conduct research?” I will hear, “You say you ‘do research,’ but what does that really mean?” The “what” is easy to explain: we plan, design, and execute research studies to gather data that answers questions. But…

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“Brave New Tech World” Panel

Veteran: The New Battleground

Barbaricum partner, Scott Feldmayer, participated in the Brave New Tech World panel as part of the Veterans: New Battleground event held by Defense One and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) on September 29, 2015. During this panel, Scott addressed the growing community of Veterans in the technology startup space and shared insights on the relationship between…

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Culture In The Workplace

Barbaricum HQ

Barbaricum built its new office with every employee in mind. When the company moved into a new office building, we crowd-sourced the office design with employees first. This model of involving employees at every level in the decision-making process is a part of what makes our company culture unique. Another feature that makes us unique…

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Vanguard of Valor: Enhanced Edition

The Combat Studies Institute (CSI) is one of the U.S. Army’s premiere military history organizations. It is responsible for researching and presenting historical accounts of military campaigns and supports the Combined Arms Center and Training and Doctrine Command in a wide variety of functions. Barbaricum helped CSI bring accounts of military history to the Army…

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