A Custom Platform To Inform Leaders

Barbaricum provides media analysis and reporting for the SEC. In addition to these ongoing services, our team developed a new platform to store all media report deliverables for the client. We built customized website that allows SEC employees to access every report and to search individual articles using keywords and phrases. Additionally, we designed the platform to be an easier way to access and interact with the reports.

Once the concept was approved we began the process of designing, building, obtaining OIT Certification, and testing the 508 compliance of all reports produced by the website. This process involved collaboration with the public affairs and IT security offices at SEC in order to provide not only a high-quality product (the reports) but to also guarantee the security and accessibility of the website so that access was limited only to those authorized to view (SEC staff) and use the platform. Once the Barbaricum team in conjunction with SEC staff finished the design, construction, and testing of the platform we went live in 2017. The culmination of all of this hard work and collaboration has resulted in a fully functional platform whose search functions outperform traditional database portals used by the client.

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