What We Do


Barbaricum's solutions are flexible, innovative, and pragmatic, leading to outstanding results.

Supporting Development and Economic Growth


The Department of Commerce’s Afghanistan Building Business Networks Program (ABBNP) aims to foster the connection between Afghan and International business sectors, and encourage opportunities for the two sectors to work together. Barbaricum supports ABBNP through communications campaigns and training of Afghan parties in business best practices, (including high level entrepreneurship and internal corporate structure and responsibility) based on our ongoing research into the local Afghan business climate. This work involves outreach and interaction with the Afghanistan business community, including demographic and audience segmentation work. At its core, ABBNP is a capacity building campaign developed to stabilize the private sector market in Afghanistan by, with, and through local partnerships.

Barbaricum trained over 200 participants, redesigned and launched the leading business we platform, interviewed over 50 key stakeholders, produced audience centric collateral (videos, web, and print) and facilitated the establishment of 4 key business centers throughout the country outfitting them with communications technology, access to high-speed internet suitable for video conferencing, and other business networks.