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Audience Understanding to Improve Service


Barbaricum currently performs extensive research and evaluation services for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), geared toward assessing the ways the organization interacts with customers and stakeholders through its websites, call centers, and field offices. Barbaricum works closely with the client to understand business objectives and information needs, engage key stakeholder audiences in a way that elicits reliable and valid data, and present research results that are clear and actionable. Our trained social scientists are currently conducting multiple large-scale quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis initiatives, including rolling online surveys, monthly telephone surveys, and nationwide focus groups of USCIS customers, the American immigrant community. Our research is designed to capture the voice of the USCIS customer and stakeholder, and provide USCIS with information on what motivates people to interact with their communication channels, what aspects of those channels they find helpful or not helpful, and ways in which the stakeholder and customer experience could be improved. The overarching goal is to understand how the American immigrant community perceives and interacts with USCIS, and present realistic recommendations on ways to improve that relationship.