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Increasing Readiness and Resiliency across the Army


In 2013, the U.S. Army launched the Ready and Resilient campaign to place a renewed effort on improving the health of the Army- Soldiers, Army Civilians and Families. This Army-wide campaign is one of Army senior leaders’ top priorities and its success hinged on its communication as well as its implementation.

Barbaricum supported OCPA in developing a public affairs strategy and an assessment plan to gauge the Army’s effectiveness in communicating the Ready and Resilient campaign. Throughout the course of the campaign, Barbaricum continuously gathers quantitative and qualitative data to assess progress and make recommendations to Army senior leaders. Barbaricum conducts audience research, surveys, and traditional and social media analysis to determine whether OCPA communication objectives were successfully achieved. As part of this assessment, Barbaricum wrote, executed and analyzed an Army-wide survey that helped identify potential gaps in force awareness and was used by Army leadership to hone communication strategy and communication efforts.