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Barbaricum's solutions are flexible, innovative, and pragmatic, leading to outstanding results.

Expeditionary Mobile Command Post


The JSOTF-TS headquarters stands ready in Germany to deploy to Northern Africa during contingency operations. Current expeditionary mobile command post solutions and deployment methods require the burden of multi-modal transportation assets where none are available or are nonexistent. Even where Points of Entry (POE) are supportable, host nation road infrastructure and the burden of distance severely limit sustainment operations. Barbaricum Operational Advisors designed, tested, and evaluated a small-scale, rapidly deployable, and self sustaining Mission Command node that can be transported using military and host nation assets.  As a result, unit leadership stands ready to rapidly forward deploy and provide Mission Command to forces in the SOCAF AOR further extending the operational reach. Barbaricum brings the agility to quickly deploy and support SOF functioning in increasingly distributed operations