Technology Deployment and Training

Barbaricum integrated advanced technical systems training at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.  In addition to supporting CONUS locations, our teams deployed throughout Africa, Europe, Central America and Asia to support and conduct civilian and military training in austere environments. We created training packages of specifically developed curricula in English and specified client language.  Our training teams deployed to Honduras, Mauritania, Niger, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait.

Barbaricum incorporated training aids, classroom instruction and practical exercises that measured the clients’ institutional knowledge against the ambiguity of ground truth reality and helped to determine understanding and focus our instruction.   We worked with our clients to construct self-sustaining expeditionary camps to enable minimal logistics support. Additionally, we routinely managed deployment requirements for both personnel and equipment and ensured our deliverables met or exceeded client expectations. Barbaricum developed various training documents including outlines, support packages, Quick Reference Guides, Concept of Operations and Program of Instructions.

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