ISR Mobile Advisory Teams

Barbaricum maintains over ten personnel with part of the team in the US and others deployed in the Middle East.  Our advisors embed at a number of locations alongside conventional units including US Army Special Operations Forces ubiquitously through Afghanistan and Iraq providing support to conventional units at the Brigade level deployed in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. These advisors provide ISR best-practice advisement, reporting, and informal mentorship and advisement at each location. Our advisors have conducted Subject Matter Expert (SME) exchanges with Lebanon, Ukraine, Great Britain, Mexico, and South Korea to date.  We are intimately familiar with short and long duration deployment administrative requirements for personnel.

We understand and regularly process, CAAMS packets, Visas, SPOT LOA, coordinating with CRC, and other administrative functions necessary to deploy personnel. In October 2016, Barbaricum’s PMO managed and efficiently processed 57 travel claims to 5 countries and reimbursed all contractor personnel within one work week. Our most recent CPARS from our client resulted in Exceptional Ratings in Support to Deployed Forces, Quality, Schedule, Cost Control, and Management.

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