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Tactical UAV Mission Support


Tactical Automatic Landing Systems (TALS) are required for the safe landing of weaponized UAVs.  Traditional power solutions for the TALS are inefficient and unreliable requiring significant maintenance and fueling operations, which increases UAV operational risks and significantly limiting the number of sorties.

Barbaricum Engineers utilized Modeling and Simulation (M&S) software and conducted testing and evaluations of several viable power generation solutions. Results led to equipping and training CJSOTF-A forces with a hybrid power solution optimized for current environmental conditions that provides reliable and efficient power to the TALS system. The solution reduced fuel consumption by 90% while significantly improving the TALS reliability resulting in an increase in the number of sorties and overall mission capability.  Expeditionary logistics are a growing challenge for SOF and Barbaricum is on the cutting edge of practical rapid solutions.  Barbaricum Operational Advisors continue to support SOF with gap analysis and solution implementation.